Extreme Field Testing

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How is is already the middle of August!??  Time certainly does fly by when you’re having so much fun.  Wow, summertime in Montana never ceases to amaze me.  Between the rodeos, weddings, pig roasts, backpacking trips, and Smith River floats, it’s hard to find time to field test our RAP shorts, hats, and of course keep our pants in action…but we’re managing!

Field Testing RAP hat on Smith River

RAP hat, front view

We’re now working on Red Ants Pants shorts as well as the truckers hat pictured above. The shorts will be longer, to fall just above the knee, no double knee or seat for a cooler summer option, but the side pockets will remain.  They held up incredibly well under some extreme field testing picking raspberries in Canada last week.  Let us know your thoughts on what you’d like in a RAP hat and shorts!

RAP shorts
Gotta love summertime!
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