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Hard to believe it’s the final day of July. Summer has officially arrived in Montana–the temperatures are rising, the days are magnificently long, and our gardens are slowly producing food. Our days are spent with a strong desire to spend it outdoors–coffee taken in the backyard, walking barefoot in the garden, cutting fresh lettuce for tonight’s summer salad, and on days away from work our feet hit the ground and we’re off hiking in the mountains. Or paddling a canoe down the Smith River. Montana summers are magical, beautiful, and liberating. With our toes dipping in the cool mountain streams, fly rod resting on the shore, a cold beverage in one hand, we hold on tightly to our fleeting summer.

How are you spending your summer?

Hiking in Glacier National Park
Remote cabin in Montana's Bob Marshall country
Pulling a trout out of a high alpine lake
Sunset on the mountains
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  • Hey … I know where that last shot was taken 🙂 Our summer was spent busy with our bees … so busy that I’m just now catching up on the RAP blog! Hope yours was equally productive. Almost done extracting honey, here – and then time for a long winter’s nap. In our RAP.


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