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There are so many hard-working women out there! We wish we could give pants away to all of you. But since we’re running a business, that unfortunately won’t keep the lights on in the shop…

However, if you are a working woman, or know a working woman that really needs these pants, please send us a brief (under one page) letter of why we should sponsor her. We choose one woman a quarter who has a great story and and give her a free pair of pants. We will post her story on social media in hopes that it helps inspire and encourage other hard-working gals.

We’ve heard from loggers, researchers, farmers, ranchers, gardeners, small business owners – women who create, build, break down, restore, and grow.

One of our past sponsored gals, Crystal, is a proud union pipefitter from Local 250 in Los Angeles with over 15 years of experience. She wrote us while working on a major industrial building in Iowa and shared that she was in need of durable pants to support her long days of hard work. Let’s all give Crystal Lewis a virtual fist bump – we’re proud to feature her as one of our Sponsored Gals!


At Red Ants Pants, we want to get to know our customers, but we also feel it’s important for our customers to know each other. So, we’ve come up with the “Where’s Your Ant?” challenge for you. On each pair of Red Ants Pants, the seamstress has sewn one single red ant somewhere on the pants. As each seamstress gets to choose the location on every pair, it would be easy to say that no two pairs are the same. But the more pairs we sew, the better the chances that there will be matching ants out there. So here’s where you come in. Anytime you see another woman wearing Red Ants Pants, go say “Hello!’, and ask where her ant is located. If each of your ants is in the same place on your pants, then take a picture, send it in, and you’ll both win a free Red Ants Pants t-shirt. Yup, it’s that simple.

Hard copies can be sent to:
Red Ants Pants
Attn: Photo Submission
PO Box 690
White Sulphur Springs, MT 59645


Hey Ladies…given up trying to find workpants that fit?