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Our pants and shorts are made from 100% cotton canvas duck, so they can shrink up to 3%. This is standard for cotton. If the pants fit when you first take them out of the bag, we recommend you wash them (cold/warm) and dry (low/hang dry) and they should still fit just fine. But don’t worry, if they don’t fit then, you can still return them, washed.

As you break in your pants you’ll find that they start to take your shape. They will tighten up a touch with every wash then loosen up as you wear them. They soften up tremendously as you wash/wear them.

We recommend washing them more often than you usually would at the beginning. That will help you break them in faster. Soon you’ll find them soft and fitting like a glove!

Not necessarily. Remember, these pants are made for women, so both the straight and the curvy styles are designed with women in mind. For more information on finding the right style for you, visit our style and sizing page.

Men have discovered how awesome Red Ants Pants are – so much so that they are buying them for themselves. Our male customers are construction workers, plumbers, oil field guys, mining engineers, roofers, ranchers and motorcyclists. There is no separate men’s line. But most men buy the straight cut.

It’s just a bit of fun. But from that little guy comes the Red Ant Challenge for which there are prizes. Double fun!

Seattle, Washington. Heck yeah USA. We design the pants in house here in Montana. We source the fabric and trims. A fantastic mother daughter owned cut and sew facility in Seattle make the pants and send them to us. We then do our own inspections, inventory, and distribution from White Sulphur Springs.

Chocolate brown is the only color we make right now. We have dreams of rusty red, dusty denim, and Forest Service green so stay tuned!

Please! We love feedback! Just shoot us a message.

Call us, and we can talk through it on the phone. Alternatively, we can set up a time to Skype. Video can be very helpful! Don’t hesitate to reach out.

No. No. And no. Read our sizing and fit page for clear information on what curvy and straight mean.

Absolutely. You can exchange as many times as you like.

You pay to send the product back to us and we will pay to send the exchanged size back to you.

You can exchange the pants as many times as you like; we will always cover the cost to send you the new size, you pay to send the product that doesn’t fit back to us.

In most cases, no. However, if there is an error on our end, e.g., we accidentally send you the wrong pair of pants, then we will, of course, refund your cost of shipping the pants back to us.

We try to ship your pants the same day you order them. We only ship via USPS Priority Mail which takes between 2-4 days. Note: we live in a rural ranching town and our Post Office is not open Saturday.

Nope, our international HQ, and only store is in White Sulphur Springs. We really value our personal connection with you the customer. Come visit! At this point we have chosen to remain independent and only sell directly to our customers. We want to hear your stories!

We do! We offer pro deals to businesses and organizations within the trades and outdoor industries. We are excited to continue to create connections and community within the world of hard-working folks. If your company or organization is interested in setting up a pro-purchase deal with Red Ants Pants, please designate one pro-purchase point person to contact our shop manager regarding this opportunity. You can also find additional information and apply online here.