Backyard Excitement

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The only way I can figure out how to get anything done in my backyard is to throw a party. When there are 100 people coming over for a pig roast, things get done pretty quickly around here. Earlier this summer I began to expand my yard which involved: building a fence, building a deck, building a chicken coop, putting in a bonfire pit, and of course the mason jar candle lighting. The only problem was the majority of this didn’t get done until the evening before, and the day of, the party.

Calhoun doing some last minute deck building

Fortunately many hands make light work (Thank you Nick, Caroline, Anna, Elton, Jake, Bethany, Ted and Karrin!) And we pulled it off.

Peter Brown and my favorite new keg holder.

The pig hit the spit at 7am, the kegs went on ice in the clawfoot by 3pm, and the fun really began when Rabbit Stew, our very favorite band out of Dillon, MT (and infamous pants party hosts!) began to tune up their fiddle and bass.

Rabbit Stew warming up on the new stage!

So glad the fine carpentry work that went into the deck held up as a backyard stage.

A very good time was had by all. The rain pushed us in for more dancing in the Red Ants Pants shop. This picture shows the wreckage at 3am when folks finally started to head to bed/deck/shop floor/airstream/yard and collapse into the beds of many pick up trucks.

Sign of a good party. Our good friend Evan was even put to bed.

As if this wasn’t enough excitement, I found my very first chicken egg the following week. It’s just amazing what a perfect round little beauty can come out of a chickens butt!

My very first egg! Thank you lovely chickens!
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