Helena Rocks!

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Back in the end of August we did a pants party at the home of Kris Larson in Helena, MT. We met Kris at a previous party this past spring and couldn’t get enough of her. She hosted a party in her lovely and festive carport, complete with a larger than life paper mache drinkin’ man…but of course!

Bethany posing with the paper mache man, we'll call him 'Fred'.

The party kicked off with dozens of vibrant and enthusiastic leading ladies of Helena rolling in, welcomed with hugs and kisses. What a phenomenal community of women!!

The crowd sang along to the slideshow, hooting and hollering throughout. Then the fun really began as all 25 women dropped their drawers in Kris’s colorful living room. That’s right fellas, these gals know how to party!

Not sure how we fit everyone in but we did!

The laughter started and couldn’t be stopped. Bethany, our very helpful and generous friend from White Sulphur who came along to help with sales couldn’t even hear herself think over the gales of laughter! Turns out two sisters in particular (I won’t name any names) were developing a new line of pants that feature….well, actually what happens at a Red Ants Pants party stays at a Red Ants Pants party. I’d better keep it to that!

Happy Pants Customers

Needless to say, we had an absolute blast, and completely blew our own record of pant sales out of the water!!

And, I’m proud to announce, we had our very first wife and husband matching ant!  Huge thanks to Jane for her continued support.  She too is a two timin’ pants party attendee, but this time she brought her husband…who wisely (or perhaps not so wisely) snuck in and out early before the pants started hitting the floor!

Huge, huge thanks to Kris, Bethany, and all you wonderfully supportive ladies of Helena. We look forward to seeing you at the Blackfoot Brewery, Farmers Market, Great Divide Cyclery and No Sweat Cafe!  Yeeee Hawwww!

The last women standing...and STILL laughing!!
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  • Awesome RAP, girlfriends!! Thanks for all the hard work, and hey,,,where can we post our photos? Doug and I have our matching Red Ants to brag up!!!!

    • Hey Jane! I look forward to seeing your and Doug’s matching pics! The RAP FB page is probably the best bet, then I can access them too. Hope you’re well! Will I see you at the Bullington concert Thursday?

      • Yo Sarah,
        Thanks for the instruction! We’ll post our pics in a couple days,,,we’ve been pretty bizzy here with both work and company!

        And because Thursday is our Irish music night, we may not make Doc’s show at the Myrna…drat. However, if you are staying in Helena, come over to Riley’s Irish Pub on 6th and Fuller after the show,,,bring Doc! We’ll be playing tunes til around 11 or so.

  • Great to see you two last nite…and hope the drive home was a lovely full moon drive without any critter dramas! hugs, j


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