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December 15, 2011 Leave a response Posted in:

A Day in the Life of a Red Ants Pants Dog

by Sarah Kmon Nellie watches for unsuspecting customers, so that she can get in as many licks as possible before they get through the door. Then she takes a break. Then, like a trooper goes back to her duties of greeting people looking for some hard-core work pants. Or directions. …

December 12, 2011 2 Responses Posted in:

Worst Wine in Town

Last Monday, in the Red Ants Pants store, we sang Christmas music way too loudly as we hung decorations and continuously “sampled” the mulled wine. We were preparing for the White Sulphur Springs Christmas stroll. I chopped oranges and apples to go in the wine, while Sarah C. added whole …

November 28, 2011 3 Responses Posted in:

The Whitehouse

Earlier this fall I was invited to the Whitehouse. As in the Whitehouse, the Big Guy’s house. The Whitehouse Business Council selected two businesses from every state to profile on the Whitehouse website.   We were then invited to the Whitehouse for a forum on Jobs and Economic Competitiveness on …

November 21, 2011 3 Responses Posted in:

Men in Our Pants

In my attempts to get back into writing on the ANTecdote, I sat down early this morning with a strong cup of coffee and tried to begin the mental debriefing process of summarizing the Red Ants Pants Music Festival experience. It’s been four months since the event and I’m still …