A Letter To Our Community

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A Letter To Our Community


Dear Red Ants Pants Community,

Years ago when I was an Outward Bound instructor I led several courses where I was the only white person, and the only female.   On one particular course with a group of Black students from Philadelphia, we had a storm in the middle of the night.  Once the lightning ceased, I went out to make the rounds. Not used to seeing me in form fitting long johns, one of the 12-year-old boys goes, “Ms. Sarah! You got a Black girl’s booty!” 

Fast forward to a Tour de Pants stop in downtown LA for a Women in the Trades show in 2009. A lovely curvaceous Black woman tried on Red Ants Pants for the first time.  She exclaimed, “Damn! They even fit my booty!” 


Red Ants Pants fit Black women. 

They fit white women.

They fit gay women.

They fit straight women.

They fit Asian, Hispanic, and Native American women. 

They fit farmers and ranchers.

They fit gardeners and carpenters. 

They fit union pipe fitters and welders. 

They fit mothers, daughters, and grandmothers. 

They even fit men.


Here at Red Ants Pants, integrity and courage are core values in our mission. 
The time has come to lean even further into these values. 

We stand in solidarity with Black and Indigenous people, and with all communities of color. 

It is time to work harder, for we have much learning to do.
We commit to doing the work, doing the listening, doing the learning. 
We commit to partnering, supporting, and amplifying voices of color.

We encourage our Red Ants Pants community to join us. 


In love and gratitude always,


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