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Dear America,

I’ve driven across you four times in the past few months.  Makes me wonder what you are thinking. Our wide-open plains, Great Lakes, Northern woodlands and the wise old Appalachian Mountains.  What are you thinking of us these days?

You have seen a lot happen over the centuries.  The Blackfeet, Lakota, and Mohawk.  The fur trappers, wagon trains, Lewis and Clark.  Bison herds come and gone, elk and grizzly once roaming the prairies and now populating the timbered high country.

The songs I played on repeat while driving remind me of the tremendous work and toil that has gone into building this continent.  The Edmund Fitzgerald and The Canadian Railroad Trilogy.  My Dad and I wore out the record player listening to Gordon Lightfoot a few winters back.  “Living on stew and drinking bad whiskey” about sums it up these days.   But when driving along Lake Superior these plays are a must.  Iron ore, railroad empires, and engineering feats like the Mackinaw Bridge.

And as she always does, Dolly brings me home.  Light of a Clear Blue Morning is my new anthem.  Let’s show these lakes and woodlands that there is a hell of a lot of hope for humanity.  We have strong backs, strong minds, and strong hearts.  We know how to build community.  We know how to take care of one another.

In love and gratitude,


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  • Suzanne M Paris
    November 25, 2020 2:20 pm

  • I feel this. I live in the north woods and have never been more thankful for the solitude of cattle, a good fire and great whiskey. I am positive that my grandmothers are smiling at the skills they gave me.

  • Nature is so steady and stabilizing. It’s not partisan. It treats everyone the same. It makes no apologies. It puts up with us, and sometimes despite us, thrives anyway.

    Perhaps in spite of ourselves, we too can thrive. The current environment can act on us and cause us to evolve and thrive in our new world.

  • Beautifully written. Thank you.

  • Beautiful, heartfelt reflections, Sarah! I hope it reverberates far and wide and people feel the hope, inspiration, and support in their heart and soul and we come back together as a country to say….We are better than this and we are better, stronger, together! Just like the colony. Our earth mother is nudging us, urging us to listen. The wild world of nature speaks volumes to our spirit…if we tap in and listen to what she has to say. Thank you for your beautiful work in the world! Lori

  • Love your post Sarah. I have never met you, but grew up in White Sulphur Springs, and have heard so much about you. I have an admiration for the things you have already accomplished and so much of what you have written I can feel as I read through it. We live in one amazing country, and in this part, nature is so much a part of our lives and soul. I have always counted my blessings in be born in the United States of America, and in Montana. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts, and your love and gratitude!! Judy

    • Judy, thank you so much for your lovely sentiments.
      Let me know if you’re even back visiting WSS, I’d love to meet you!


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