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This past week, we spent time selecting gifts from our beautifully stocked Red Ants Pants shelves for some folks who need a little extra joy this holiday season.  In November, we asked our customers for suggestions of people they knew who had an especially tough year.  The responses came pouring in.

And I assure you, there has not been a dry eye in the place.

Some of you lost your homes and all your belongings in wildfires.   We understand that nothing can replace a home, but perhaps a new pair of pants and a carpenter pencil will give you some strength to start rebuilding.

There are stories of single moms losing their jobs, of husbands serving overseas, of isolated elderly neighbors.  There is a mom who has to drive her 12-year-old son across state lines five times a week for cancer treatments.  We can’t cure your son, but a hoodie and some strong coffee may bring some warmth to your early mornings.

But, perhaps most remarkable, were the Red Ants Pants customers who responded to our query by sending additional support in the form of donations, their own gift contributions, and even by returning pants they outgrew to pass along to someone else who can use them.  Giving is contagious.

There is no doubt that people are hurting out there.  But we’re seeing an awful lot of love, too.  And kindness.  And joy…even if we have to look a little harder for it this year.

So, here’s to lifting each other up the very best we can.

In love, kindness, and joy,


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