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Early morning on the road


As you might know from reading recent blog posts, Tour de Pants is ready to hit the mountain highways and head south to Colorado.  Fall is a perfect time to hitch the Anthill to the pickup truck, load our pants into the back of the red truck, and of course, pack cases of tasty beer from our marvelous beer sponsor, Big Sky Brewery. This fall’s edition of Tour de Pants will be in Colorado for the week and then capping off the tour in Bozeman, MT.

So, let us announce our Tour de Pants details in hopes you and your friends can take part!

Our first event is this Monday, the 18th, and is a house party for Cheley Colorado Camps alumni–although one doesn’t have to be an alumni of this camp to attend! All are welcome and the pants party begins at 7pm. Sarah, in her distant pre-red-ant-past was once a counselor at this camp and she’s so thrilled to reconnect with other camp counselors and some of her former campers.

On Tuesday, we’ll head outside of Denver to Longmont for a party at Abbondanza Organic Seeds and Produce. The party includes a hay ride (weather permitting) and pizza and of course, your favorite workpants to garden in! Please check out their wonderful website for more information:

We’ll spend the rest of the week taking care of behind the scenes Red Ants Pants business stuff (hint: partnering with another American company to manufacture our USA-made RAP  hats!) and then we’ll steer the Anthill north to Bozeman.

On Friday October 22nd from 7-9pm, the lovely boutique and contemporary art gallery Tart is hosting a RAP party and open house! Tart is a super fun store located within the Emerson Center for Arts and Culture and features arts and crafts by local and regional artists, or called “Tartists” by owner Anna Visscher. Join us for an evening of RAP’s, food and Big Sky beer. Also, if you come wearing your well loved Red Ants Pants or purchase a pair of pants, the lovely Anna will give you 15% off anything you buy in her store (it’s the most perfect place to find funky handmade Christmas presents or jewelery for yourself!).


Toasting another beautiful fall day with good friends and good food


If you’re like us and are welcoming the change of seasons, embracing the new fall colors of the larch trees, and are busy spending your days stacking firewood and ending your day with a glass of wine by the fire with a book, we hope you too are relishing in the season of change. Not only does fall spark our inner-baker (breads, pies, scones, yum!) but we here at RAP also tend to do a bit of self-reflection during the season where the days grow shorter and we welcome our sweaters in exchange for sandals. Last fall we cruised through the Midwest, spending November in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois. We met so many wonderful men and women on our journey and enjoyed memorable nights by a bonfire in the woods of northern Wisconsin and a boat ride to a remote island in Michigan’s Lake Huron. If you’d like to reconnect with last year’s fall memories, including a slight issue with a broken Anthill door (all Maggie’s failure to understand the physics of a bungee cord), spend some time with our old tour blog.

And on this frosty overcast Saturday morning in White Sulphur Springs, we’re putting the last boxes of RAP goodies in the truck, packing an extra layer for cold nights in the Anthill, and off on the road.

We’ll see you in Colorado and Bozeman! If you need more information on party details like locations and if you can bring a friend (of course you can!), please follow our updates on either Twitter @redantpants or Facebook: Red Ants Pants. Or, hell, even better is to just give Sarah a phone call: 406.600.3986.

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