Firewood, Beartooths, and Dinosaur Eggs

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We had our first hard frost last night here in central Montana.  It’s the time of year when nothing makes me happier than gazing at my firewood pile as it grows.  My chain saw is cutting well and thanks to all the beetle kill, dead trees are plentiful around here.  Recently a couple by the name of Kelly and Elaine dropped by my shop.  They ended up staying for dinner, camping in our Airstream and actually spent an entire Sunday helping me get wood.  We love all of our customers here at Red Ants Pants, but these types are my personal favorite, at least at this time of year.


Out cutting wood with new customers and friends



It's gonna be a warm winter!


It’s been a great season for fall color, and this Indian summer can’t be beat.  My buddy Kris and I took advantage of the warm temps and went backpacking in the Beartooths last weekend.  Hiking in tank tops in mid October, in Montana, at 11,000 feet?  Seriously!  If you haven’t driven the Beartooth Highway, it’s well worth it.  Make sure to stop in at Sam’s Taproom in Red Lodge on your way, home of Red Lodge Ales. YUM!


Long time customer and local farmer Kris hiking in her RAPs.


We’re packing up this week to hit the road again with Tour de Pants.  We’re heading to Colorado to celebrate some of this farm harvest season. See side bar for schedule details. Come join us!

And in other breaking news, I swear one of my chickens is part dinosaur.  Would you look at the size of this egg??!!  The best part is this was literally the 6th egg she has ever laid!  I can’t even come close to closing the egg carton!  I’ll leave you with that and some images from our lovely fall around these parts.


Dinosaur Egg!




Bridgers with aspens



Fall in the Beartooths



White Sulphur evening glow


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