You’re a Camper for Life

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Erin and Amanda look for a match

Part Red Ants Pants house party, part Cheley Colorado Camps reunion, our Monday night party in Denver was not just about the best damn workpants for women but also another beautiful example of how one small Montana company can gather a group of women in a living room for a night of laughs, hugs, and a celebration of summer camp memories.

The hosts of our party were both part of the Cheley Colorado Camp clan and Sarah proudly joins their tribe. When Sarah was nineteen years old, she left her home in Connecticut  for the summer and took a job as a camp counselor in Estes Park, CO. It was her first experience in the American west: mountain peaks, cowboys, clear blue streams, and high altitude adventures. Needless to say, our Chief of Workpants was hooked on the rugged landscape west of the Mississippi River. Although her stint at Cheley was just for one summer, her connections to her other counselors and young campers has remained strong.

Great thanks to co-hosts, Gwen and Trinity, for gathering the women of Cheley and also their friends to attend a house party on a cool Colorado fall evening. Sarah was able to reconnect with some of her former campers, many of whom she hasn’t seen since her first summer in the mountains. And many of these campers have transitioned to counselors for their beloved camp.

Sisters that wear Red Ants Pants together, stick together

Per usual of RAP house parties, there was a lot of laughter throughout the slide show, and the dropping of pants in the middle of the living room to find the perfect RAP fit. Once the women were connected with their best fit, they couldn’t wait to search for their ant label in hopes to find a match at the party. While no matches at the party, we’re all quite confident the sisterhood of the Red Ants Pants will continue to connect many other women in Colorado and beyond by their matching ant label.

Again, thank you kindly to Gwen and Trinity for the party and to their great friends for their support!

Sarah and Terry sample pants and Big Sky beer

Tour de Pants rolls north to Longmont, CO for a farm party at Abbondanza Organic Seeds and Produce to relish in this spectacular fall weather! There might even be a hay ride for party guests tonight too!

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