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The beautiful Bob

We like wilderness. A lot. And we really like organizations that support wilderness. So, we’re good friends with the folks at  the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation. The Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation (BMWF) is a non-profit organization dedicated  to restoring and preserving the trail system and wilderness values in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex, commonly referred to as “The Bob”. list of domains And the BMWF is bringing Telluride MountainFilm On Tour, an independent documentary film festival to cities across Montana next week.  We wanted to get involved and we’re donating our wonderful long sleeve yellow t’s featuring the bucking ant for their door prizes.

So, if you live in Whitefish, Great Falls, Bozeman or Helena you should get your tickets for this incredible event! Not only do you get an opportunity to view some incredible films, but you’re also supporting wilderness! And if you’re really lucky, you just may end your fabulous evening by scoring a RAP t-shirt. We also heard that there’s a lot of other wonderful door prizes and raffle items from other Montana businesses. Sounds like good fun to us!

Here are the dates for the film fest: Whitefish 4/15, Great Falls 4/16, Bozeman 4/17, and Helena 4/18. Go check out the BMWF’s website to learn more!

Hard Workin' Pants in the Bob

We’re really proud of the efforts of the BMWF and we’re honored that some of the trail crew leaders work pants of choice are Red Ants Pants!  These gals are tough and their pants are tough enough to handle season after season of trail crew work–we’re talking cross cut saws and pulaskis, folks.

Both Sarah and Maggie will be at the Bozeman show-we hope to see you there!

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