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2010 Models pre show

Happy Spring to you all! It’s snowing like crazy here in White Sulphur Springs…gotta love Springtime in the Rockies! We have finally released our Hellroaring Saloon Fashion Show. This was a hilarious event we did both these past 2 winters up in Whitefish, MT at the Hellroaring Saloon on Big Mountain. The video is from the ’09 “fashion show”, and yes…we use this term loosely! Eight gals from all over Montana stepped into their Red Ants Pants and took to dancing on the bar. youtube down . It was family friendly of course and a very good time was had by all.
Enjoy this video!

Huge thanks go out to Cindy Stillwell at Hybrid Media in Bozeman. She is our BRILLIANT filmmaker who makes all this magic happen. Check her out at

Stillwell’s film; High Plains Winter is being featured on the Telluride Mountain Film tour coming to Bozeman this Saturday the 17th! This tour is a fundraiser for the Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation and Red Ants Pants is a proud sponsor. Come check it out.

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