RAP and Two Other Montana businesses highlighted in the Billings Gazette

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We’re honored that we were one of three Montana businesses featured in “Thinking Outside the Big Box” from the Billings Gazette. The article takes a look at three different Montana entrepreneurs who’ve avoided the distribution trap and stayed true to their customers by not taking their products to chain stores like Walmart, but instead, controlled the distribution and sales on their own.

The article was prompted by the release of a Montana State University-Billings professor’s new book, The Distribution Trap, that aims to teach entrepreneurs how to succeed without giant retailers. The piece not only discusses the successes of Red Ants Pants but also of Billings based company, Red Oxx Manufacturing and Natural Baby Co from Bozeman. The great news is that all three of us have instinctively taken this advice in our businesses practices.

And most certainly with Red Ants Pants, our direct customer experience will not change.  We want you to come visit us in White Sulphur Springs and spend time in our historic shop. And don’t even think for one minute that we’d pass up an opportunity to hitch up AntHill (our Airstream trailer) and tour across the country to connect with all of our supporters and friends! So, like the different types of women’s bodies we’ve aimed to fit in our workpants, there are many different ways to run a business. We like being a small company. We like that you can’t find our pants in any retail store, small or large. We like that you can meet us, drink some good beer with us, and connect over a campfire in the cool November air of Wisconsin or dance all night to your friend’s band in their living room. And we’re are most, most grateful that you’ve allowed us into your homes and lives and shown us that this grassroots approach to sellin’ pants works!

And we’re quite proud that this professor chose us and two other impressive Montana businesses to set as an example for his new book! Once again, good stuff comin’ out of this Big Sky state.

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