A Beer Sponsor for Workpants?

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And the answer, proudly, is yes! And we are beyond thrilled that Big Sky Brewery, out of Missoula, is our beer sponsor. In the spring of 2008, they caught wind of our RAP YouTube commercial and called up Sarah wanting to partner with Red Ants Pants. The perfect partnership? We do travel around the country with Tour de Pants so what would be better than also bring women good beer from Montana as well?! Thus the combination of Red Ants Pants and Big Brewing Company was born.

Not only can we deliver the goods on workwear for women, but we can also bring our party guests some very wonderful beer out of our very wonderful home state. So for those of you who haven’t yet had the luxury of attending a Red Ants Pants house party, be sure you do because not only do you connect with us but you also get to drink good beer as you try on pants and meet new folks in your community. We like to keep it rather simple: find a good pair of pants that fit that allow you to get your job done, and then after a long, hard days work, you owe it to yourself to sip on a cold, tasty refreshment.

I was really excited to work with other liked-minded Montana businesses. We might not be directly related–workpants and beer–but we have the opportunity to connect and partner it’s not only a strong business practice but we also have a ton of fun too. That’s what we do best here in Montana. Work hard. Play hard. Thank you Trinda and the crew at Big Sky for their support,” commented Sarah.

Party guests in Idaho enjoying their Big Sky brews

We’ve been lucky to introduce folks all over the country to Big Sky’s most famous and iconic beer, Moose Drool, and we never hesitate when our lovely contact at Big Sky, Trinda, asks if we need more beer for the road. We think you probably know the answer to that one.

Big Sky’s been brewing beer in Missoula since the mid-1990s and in 2006 they were ranked near the top 50 largest breweries in the United States. They also employ around 40 folks, so we like that this Montana operation not only provides our beer nourishment but provides great people with great jobs!

Sarah really likes the classic Moose Drool. Maggie prefers their Scapegoat Pale and when winter rolls around for this ski bum, she’s most certainly sippin’ on their Powder Hound Winter Ale.  And sadly in Montana there’s an extreme lack of glass recycling so we’re both thrilled when Big Sky began putting Moose Drool and Trout Slayer in cans. Perfect for the river and other summer adventures but also recyclable!

So as  the second edition of the spring tour begins, we’re heading to Missoula to pick up our beer and head west along the stunning Columbia River to Portland! We look forward to once again gettin’ ladies in our pants and also giving them  a cold Big Sky brew too.

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