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We used to laugh saying, “We already have to wear one bra, we don’t need the waistband of our pants for additional support.” That line actually made it into some of our first marketing materials at Red Ants Pants.

But maybe we do need some extra support, sometimes anyway. Maybe not for our chests, but perhaps for our pounding hearts.

More recently we have been exploring how the theme of strength is woven into both our pants and the lives of the people we serve. As I write this, Tammy Wynette’s album Womanhood is on the record player. My trusty cow dog, Nellie, is at my feet. I’m drinking good, strong coffee from a mug made by a dear friend. Immediately out the window is a small grove of aspens, somehow able to hold root in this dry, rocky bluff overlooking the river. Ox bows, a buffalo jump, the swimming hole, hay fields, and the bull pasture frame my view.

There is indeed strength all around us, in us…leading us, inviting us, challenging, and supporting us.2016 RAP Strength Campaign Photo UPDATED

I think about the courage to trust our own strength. The strength of womanhood, shared. The strength in gaining wisdom, earning respect, and growing up. And at the same time learning that it is okay to not always feel strong.

I think of the strength it takes to accept our curves and even celebrate them. The strength in knowing we can raise a little one, or three little ones. The strength of sharing our stories, and the strength in listening.

The strength of our partnerships, our families, our communities.

I think of the darkest hour just before dawn when his hand somehow knows how to find yours, even in his sleep. And at that moment, despite our minds avoiding slumber and racing with things that need to get done, we are reminded that we have support. We are not in this alone. Ever.

I think about after nine years in business finally writing our mission statement.

We provide workwear for women.
For the makers and the growers, the builders and the doers.
We support them with humor and heart, quality and class, integrity and courage. Always.

I think about the support beams of this timber framed home. And of barn raisings. How we need each other. We always have. And although there aren’t enough barn raisings anymore, perhaps we could have more wood cutting parties in the fall so we can have bigger potlucks around the fire when the snow flies. And we could help each other plant our gardens so we can have more harvest dinners and raise our glasses to the grit, the calluses, the courage, and the pride.

For there is indeed strength in our togetherness.

5 Responses

  1. Lona
    Lona - April 12, 2016 at 2:43 pm - - Reply

    What a beautiful post. Honestly….the spirit is so wonderfully captured in this. Thank you so much for a great product line and for being a power house – a place for women to thrive and celebrate!

  2. Linda Hermeston
    Linda Hermeston - April 13, 2016 at 6:34 am - - Reply

    I recently retired from a construction project management job and wished I would have known about you pants while still working. Two years ago I attended your concert with my 81 year old mother and her friend. They were both raised on farms near Wilsall. I will never forget the great experience. The music was great. The accommodations made for the elderly to get from the parking lot to the venue was remarkable. The respect given the elderly showed the true spirit of the Montana I remember as a child. Keep up the good work and very best of luck.

  3. Hals
    Hals - April 14, 2016 at 8:43 pm - - Reply

    Beautiful. There is so much strength in togetherness. Well said.

  4. Nan Condit
    Nan Condit - April 22, 2016 at 7:09 am - - Reply

    Sarah, wonderful words of wisdom. You are and continue to be a source of inspiration to both men and women! Love the work you do and can’t wait to meet back up with the colony at the music festival! Me and my sisters from Missoula will be there!! Hugs to you!!!! Nan

  5. Lila
    Lila - April 29, 2016 at 2:51 pm - - Reply

    Very beautiful post!

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