On Love

February 4, 2016 Leave a response Posted in:

On Love

Love of a dog, a secret, a place.

Love of a man, a woman, a family.

Love of a mountain.

Love of a valley and a river, a milk cow and a pet rabbit.

Love of an idea, a dream, of a job well done.

Love of oneself, of ones potential, of ones qualities

Love of a Mom, and of a Dad.

Love of an old stick shift pick up truck.

Love of a painting, love of a composer.

Love of a feeling, an emotion, an experience.

Love of a book.  Love of a garden.

Love of a woodpile, well stacked.

Love of a meal, cooked and shared with a whole lot of love.

Love of a church.  Love of a song, a bird song, a wind song, our song.

Love of a future.

Here’s to more love.


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