Hot Pants and Frozen Bananas

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We traveled to the other side of the Grand Teton to land in Wilson, WY to visit our good friend Jen for a Saturday afternoon party with her bike riding friends. Jen has just relocated to Bozeman so she returned to Wilson to reconnect with her friends and to introduce them to RAP.

Host Jen chasing babies up the stairs

As much of a hit our pants were with the women of Wilson, many of whom spent the afternoon on their roadbikes now that the snow has cleared from the roads and the sun was shining brilliantly, the other big hit of the party was homemade chocolate-dipped frozen bananas. Jen’s good friend, Martha, makes delicious banana treats and we all enjoyed the frozen decadence while trying on our chocolate-brown pants. Way to match the party treats to the pants, ladies!

Watching the RAP slideshow and learning more about the women who inhabit these gorgeous mountains, we traded ski stories and were all abuzz about gardening, getting more bike rides in and waking up our souls to spring. And we were overjoyed that both our parties in the Teton Valley and the Jackson Hole area have been family affairs! Moms brought their kids to both events and not only do we love getting women perfectly fit into their new workpants, but it does us good to chase around two-year olds, making airplane noises and giving tours of the Anthill.

Martha & Shannon in RAP

We’re creating a new generation of kids who will grow up surrounded by strong moms and a loving community, and we’re proud to know that in these kids’ lifetimes, there will always be workwear for women.

And with sad hearts we leave behind our great friends and newly forged friendships in Driggs and Wilson and head back to Montana for a party in Dillon. Thanks again to our party hosts, Cindy and Jen, for two wonderful events. And huge thanks to longtime friends, Emily and Dave, and Rusty and Anna for their hospitality!

Maggie modeling her pants for her friends
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