Grand Times in the Tetons

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BBQ Fun at the Grand Teton Brewery
Mountain Sunset on the Anthill

Our first stop in Bozeman was a wonderful opportunity to connect over dinner with friends before we hit the road south to the Teton Valley. Surrounded by good friends and making connections with new friends, we slept soundly in the Anthill while the rain fell on the roof of the rig. There’s nothing quite like sleeping out in the mountain air, encased in our trusty Anthill, keeping us warm and dry (well sort of dry; there are a few leaks in the windows) as we slept to the sounds of rainfall. And what a better way to wake up then to our good friend Nick delivering us a pot of coffee in the morning! Nick was a great host and allowed us to park the Anthill in his driveway for the night.

Not only is Nick a  great host and dear friend but also has a great website for all you anglers out there who are just dying to know what the current river conditions and insect hatches are in Montana. is a free, user-driven, online catalog of Montana fly fishing reports. It’s a great site to get your Montana fly fishing fill!

Who's hiding in the pants?

From Bozeman, we made the beautiful drive south though Big Sky and West Yellowstone to the small town of Victor, ID. Our first party was hosted by Cindy at her lovely home looking east at the mountains. Cindy is a proud owner of Red Ants Pants from a previous party hosted in the area a year ago and welcomed us back into her home so we could share with her friends the Red Ants Pants goodness. And the successful party wouldn’t have been quite the same without her two beautiful children, Skylar and Declan. We also knew we’d have such a fun party when we saw Cindy’s Airstream parked in her drive. Two Airstreams at the same event? Only in the world of Red Ants Pants.

Sarah and Declan. Seriously, how cute is he?!?

Thanks to Cindy’s friends who made the event such a great success! Many an educator, farmer, tri-athlete and wonderful mom’s are now proud wearers of Red Ants Pants. We connected over divine tamales and sipped on local brews from the Grand Teton Brewery

After our party at Cindy’s, we then ventured over to the brewery for a BBQ. The second party of the evening was made possible by Emily, Sarah’s dear friend and also tour rep on the first inaugural trips of the Red Ants Pants roadshow. For those of you who’ve attend our house parties, you’ve seen several photos of Emily. And the famous RAP butt shot on our website? Oh that belongs to the one and only Emily!

 Once again, we were surrounded by good friends and enjoyed more tasty beer while the sun set the Tetons afire in the waning daylight hours. Sincere thanks to both party hosts, Cindy and Emily for introducing us to the amazing women of Driggs and Victor.

We’re also quite lucky to have good friends, Rusty and Anna, who also call the Teton Valley home. We feel quite spoiled to have our good friends living in this beautiful area. Both Rusty and Anna are Bucking Horse Sale veterans of our infamous Buckin’ Ant float.

After a fun Friday in Victor and Driggs, we’re headed over the Teton Pass to our next house party in Wilson, WY!

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