What is Duck?

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by Sarah Kmon

Maybe you have seen it on the Red Ants Pants website, or perhaps when looking for wall tents for hunting camp. But there are a lot items made out of a strange substance called “duck”. Certain hefty work pants for women are among the items.

“Duck” does not mean that Red Ants Pants are made out of poor little duck feathers. They are much more durable than that because Red Ants Pants are 100% cotton.

Duck refers to the weave of the fabric – how the yarn is made into a piece of material.

Does this make your eyes feel funny?

Let’s try another one.

These are pictures of Red Ants Pants chocolate duck

My mouth just filled up with saliva. It’s not Easter yet.

So now that you know what duck means when refering to material, maybe you will get that question in Trivial Pursuit.


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