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We Heart Zone 4 Magazine

March 9, 2012 Leave a response Posted in:
by Sarah Kmon

Some of us at Red Ants Pants like to garden.

Some of us like the idea of gardening.

And some of us (me) like looking at other people’s gardens and daydreaming about the one we don’t have.

Montana is a very difficult place to garden. The soil is, shall we say, unsoily. The weather must be weathered, whether you want to or not. And plants just don’t like to grow.

What is a gardener to do?

Zone 4 Magazine is full of inspired solutions, tips and ideas of how to live the gardener’s life in Zone 4.

The magazine was started by Andra and Dan Spurr after they moved to Bozeman, MT and made some “costly and frustrating mistakes” with their garden, trees and shrubs. You can read their story here.

Zone 4 is “written by experts for real people with real concerns who want to learn more about successful gardening, landscaping, and healthy local foods raised and grown in zone 4”. It has a wide-ranging readership, and Zone 4 celebrates that.
One beautiful, spring day, like today, I will dip into my Zone 4 magazine, not just to daydream, but because I need some information about what kind of mulch is the best for planting strawberries in White Sulphur Springs.

Check out Zone 4 Magazine. We love it.

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