Red Ants Pants hosts Cycle the Rockies Bike Tour

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Last week, 10 weary and very wet bikers pedaled into White Sulphur Springs.  They were the 8 students and 2 instructors of the Cycle the Rockies course.  This course is part of the Wild Rockies Field Institute.  Based in Missoula, WRFI;, is an independent, nonprofit educational organization that offers affordable, high quality, academically rigorous field courses in some of the most beautiful and interesting landscapes in North America.

Cycle the Rockies consists of 28 days of biking across Montana studying energy issues and climate change.  The students began their journey in Billings and will complete the adventure in Glacier National Park.   Along the way they meet with local ranchers, oilmen, venture capitalists, Hutterites, and lots of various folks who specialize in energy in one form or another.  Red Ants Pants was excited to welcome them in for the night, stuff them with elk burgers, asparagus, and roasted potatoes, and hear their stories.  Check out their blog at

Pedal safely friends and keep expanding those minds!

WRFI Bikers at Red Ants Pants
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