Planting good ants in Ashland

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Beautiful Ashland River on our stroll through town

Our beautiful drive took us north from the Bay Area through the rolling hills of northern California, past a cloud-camouflaged Mt. Shasta and into the lush small town of Ashland, Oregon. Ashland has made its mark as playing host to the famous Oregon Shakespeare Festival and we feel quite strongly that if the Bard himself checked out these pants, there would certainly be a sonnet or two dedicated to the wonderfulness of Red Ants Pants.

We didn’t have enough time to take in a play, sadly, but instead connected with farming women at a house party. We were so lucky to have two hosts in Ashland and great thanks to Melina and Aiyana for the pants party! And for making room in their busy harvesting schedules for us! Our party fell on the eve before the huge Tuesday morning farmers market.

These pants can't wait to get some dirt on 'em!

Our intimate party was made quite lively due to Melina’s adorable three year old son and his excitement during the RAP slideshow and his dance moves! We laughed and snacked on homemade cornbread while Elin swayed to Dolly Parton’s “Working 9 to 5”.

Two of our party guests have a very special relationship–a mother daughter duo who now have the Red Ants Pants! Leslie, the mom, runs the farm where Aiyana and her fiancée (who also wears RAPs) live and work.  And check out just how great they both look in their RAPs.

RAPs for you and your mom!

As rain began to fall on the truck, we left our new Ashland friends and headed north to get a few miles under our belts (did you know that we have Red Ants Pants belts?) before our long drive to Seattle. Our Tuesday Seattle stop includes a visit to the factory where your most favorite pants are made and a house party with Student Conservation Association crew leaders and alumni!

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