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Outside WSS and Red Ants Pants in February

February 17, 2012 Leave a response Posted in:
by Sarah Kmon

Where the #$%$ have you been?

Oh no wait, that’s me. Where have I been? Well, I haven’t been on the computer, nor have I been to town much.

At home, every day we have baby cows coming in to the world, and I have spent most all of my time facilitating that.

It is calving season, and while the rest of the United States is in a tizzy about climate change and the warmest, dryest winter on record, we are loudly giving thanks that little baby cows aren’t getting their ears and tails frozen off, like they did last year.

Another highlight of this years calving season is this little guy.

We are bottle feeding him,

which makes him think I am his mother.

It is a bittersweet task. Because as cute as he is, and as much fun I have watching him make up his own games and chase his shadow around the corral, I wish that he was out in the pasture with a bovine mother, where he would have other friends to play with, like these guys.

And although I will do my best, if I don’t get back on here any time soon you will know that it is because I am immersed in soft black cuteness mixed with a little blood, gross gook and calf poop.

What are you doing with your February?

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