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Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest in and excitement for the concept of a Red Ants Pants wool vest!

Limited Edition Wool VestsI am excited to announce that I just got back from our manufacturing facility and we are, at long last, taking orders!

Because this will be a limited edition, we will only be able to offer the vests on a first come, first served basis, which is most easily facilitated through phone orders: 406-547-3781.

Sadly, we cannot guarantee that they will reach you by Christmas, but the good news is they will be well worth the wait.

Limited Edition Wool VestsRed Ants Pants’ beautifully crafted vests are made with 21 oz. Woolrich Wool (America’s longest continuously run woolen mill). Made in the USA.

These vests have flattering side panels with contrasting colors. Fully lined and featuring two inside zip pockets on the ribs, not the chest! Deep Polartec® fleece-lined exterior pockets, fleece-lined neck and chin and a longer sweep in the back will keep you covered and cozy in any working conditions.


Q) When will the vests arrive?
A) The vests have arrived in our headquarters in White Sulphur Springs, MT, and we will ship them out to you right away!

Q) If I go to the website, it says the my size is out of stock. Should I still call to pre-order?
A) Yep, please call the store. More vests will be coming in the New Year!

Q) If I call to place an order and no one answers, should I leave a voicemail?
A) Yes, please leave a voicemail. We will keep track of the time you called to make sure the pre-order process is fair and orders are received on a first come, first served basis. Please leave your name, phone number and email for us to confirm. Thank you!

Q) What if you run out of stock and I don’t get one?!
A) We apologize if this happens to you, but the good news is we are doing another production run in early 2017 and will have even more options for you! Sign up for our vest interest list and we’ll email you info as more vests are available.

Again, huge thanks for your patience and support. We welcome your feedback on these new vests. Can’t wait to hear how much you love them, and what we can do to improve them!

Happy Holidays,
Sarah and the Red Ants Pants team

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