Music Festival 2012 – Heck Yeah!

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It is hard to believe it’s been three weeks since the music festival!

Here are some interesting numbers for you all:

 8800 attendees

3300 rolls of TP (and yes, I completely made that number up, but the important thing is we didn’t run out!)

1900 festival snap shirts

230 dedicated volunteers

 94 kegs of beer – Yeah Big Sky Brewery!

56 world class performers

10 grants gifted from the RAP Foundation

3 lightning evacuations….hooray nobody was struck, thank you for your patience and cooperation!

2 shade structures built by the Timber Skills workshop gals

1 Heck of a good time!!

0 fights, wrecks, or medical emergencies.  Heck yeah!

To continue to relive the fun and madness, visit the Red Ants Pants Music Festival Facebook Page.  Don’t forget to like it.

You’ll find lots of discussions and wonderful photographs of the events there.


Thank you all so much for coming.  See you next year!

PS.   Our favourite quote, overheard during our meat processing demonstration:  This is awesome!  The only place we could see this is in Montana or Mexico!

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