Dogs, Cats and Christmas Gifts

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by Sarah Kmon

Nellie, Sarah C’s dog, wears people clothes. We don’t judge her for it. But we find her wearing them, quite often.  Like this morning, she was lounging on the couch in the store wearing this hat.

She did NOT like that I found her and took her photo. But I thought that the hats make great Christmas gifts and that I should let you all know that we have them.

As it turns out, Magpie is partial to the hats also. She guards them from Nellie, but hasn’t figured out how to wear them herself.

I am partial to the belts and buckles, which also make great Christmas gifts.

The belts are tooled by local rancher/brand-inspector/horsehair-braider Kathy Hochstrat. The buckles are cast in Colorado.

She also tools dog ant collars and leashes.

You know, if you ever have an ant that needs a walk….

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