A Family Affair

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A sunny Sunday found us in the lush city of Missoula and while our lovely White Sulphur Springs native Claire assembled delicious pizzas in her industrial and envy worthy kitchen, Sarah and Maggie spent the afternoon jumping on a trampoline and singing songs with Claire’s four beautiful children and their friends. While clouds turned into rabbits, owls and Cheerios, Tour de Pants became a family affair.

Camo hats are perfect for wild little boys!

Folks really don’t have to worry if life on the road leads to starvation for the two well-season pants roadies as Claire served us tasty pizzas until we could hardly jump on the trampoline. Claire’s party was hosted in her recently constructed two-story straw bale garage and ultimate kid playroom. Babies, toddlers and kids alike ran around the yard, clad in either the new RAP hats, t-shirts and favorite red hoodies. Many moms comments about the need for RAP maternity wear and matching toddler pants. It is never too early to get your kid outfitted in the best workwear and we know that Montana kids work the hardest and most certainly, play the hardest.

Following suit from our Helena party, another match occurred! This time party host Claire and Maggie match their ants on the right side pocket (this is the perfect pen pocket). Claire’s pants show the effort of constructing her garage and they looked absolutely perfect covered in stucco and paint.

What a great match!

Check out the great photos of Claire’s family, all complete in Red Ants Pants garb! And as well all know, families that play together, stay together!

What a great looking family!
No caption needed for this cuteness!
Sarah's newest boyfriends
Shelby models the RAP belt with the ultimate coolness

If you live in the Missoula area you should visit Claire and her husband Ben’s doughnut booth at the Saturday markets. Judging by how amazing Claire’s pizza tasted, we can only imagine how decedent her homemade doughnuts taste on a fine spring day in Missoula. Go out and find their booth and enjoy!

Thanks to Claire and her family for letting us run around their yard, act like kids on the trampoline and let us perform our RAP show to their friends and family members. And we’re more than delighted to eat leftover pizza as we travel to Bozeman for our third and final party of the short tour at the fabulous Tart.

For our Bozeman friends, please come to the Tart party on Wednesday May 18th from 6-8pm. Tart is located within the Emerson Cultural Center. There will be tasty treats, cold Big Sky brews and Red Ants Pants on hand throughout the evening. If you come wearing your RAPs or buy a pair at the party, Tart will offer a 15% discount on any items purchased that evening–handmade jewelry, artwork and more by Montana artists or “tartists”. For seriously beautiful and fun art,¬†jewelry, hats, notecards and more, you’ll want to take advantage of this sale!

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