Sizing and Fit: Pants and Shorts

Ladies! We have butts and hips and thighs for a reason. Embrace them!

Step 1: Choose your STYLE.



This style is designed for a more linear fit.  Gals with narrower hips and a wider waist, therefore a straighter figure should order these.  This is the also the cut that a woman who has slender legs and a belly with a little more substance should choose.






This style is designed with more room through the seat and thigh areas.  If you’ve got hips, this is the style for you! The waistband is designed to curve over your hips.  The back rise of the curvy cut is a bit higher than the straight cut.  This allows for more room for your booty.

Step 2: Choose your WAIST SIZE.


Red Ants Pants have a contoured waistband. On both styles, the back rise of the pants sits higher than the front rise of the pants. They curve around your hips beautifully. This allows for full coverage of your bum, and a comfortable, non-binding rise in the front. This also makes it a bit difficult to measure your waist as you would have to measure on a diagonal. For that reason, we recommend that you use this handy-dandy size chart to determine what size, in inches you should wear. The curvy cut does run bigger than the straight cut! Please CALL US with questions or we can even Skype and check you out over video so we can recommend a size. Yup!

RED ANTS PANTS WAIST SIZE 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 36 38 40 42
TRADITIONAL WOMEN’S SIZING 0/2 4 6 6/7 8/9 10/11 12/14 14 16 18 20 22

Step 3: Choose your INSEAM LENGTH.


Women come in all shapes and sizes, seriously. We are pretty awesome creatures. But that does mean that we need a lot of size options for our clothes…especially our pants. Red Ants Pants come in four different inseam lengths: 29”, 31”, 33” and 35”. Options!! Finally.

PRO TIP: If you are between inseam lengths, go longer!

NOTE: Not all waist sizes are available in all four inseam lengths, so please see the table below for available inseam lengths with the corresponding waist sizes.

27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 36 38 40 42


Style Tips:


  • The curvy cut naturally runs a bit bigger than the straight cut as there is more room built in for your lovely curves.
  • The curvy extra room is not just in the hips, it’s in the thighs too.
  • If you’re apple shaped, go straight.
  • If you’re pear shaped, go curvy.
  • Here’s to working hard, feeling strong, and still eating bacon.
  • You better love your body because it’s the only one you’ve got!!