All of our products are designed to fit, function, and flatter…and they are all made in the USA.  Heck yeah America, let’s bring it back.

Ever since the gold rush, women have been wearing men’s pants when they need to get serious work done.  We felt it was high time to change that.

Founded in 2006, Red Ants Pants was the first company dedicated to making work clothes for women.  We are based in White Sulphur Springs, a small ranching town in the middle of Montana.  We love hard work and we love pants that fit.  Finally.

Our Mission:

We provide workwear for women,
for the makers and the growers, the builders and the doers.
We support them with humor and heart, quality and class,
integrity and courage.

Thanks for your interest and support!

Sarah C. Calhoun
Founding Owner, Red Ants Pants