After much research, we have decided to use a 12 oz. cotton canvas duck. This fabric is a tight weave with a hefty weight. We have not added a stiff finish to our fabric, allowing our pants to be comfortable when you first put them on. The company we purchase the fabric from produces some of the highest quality fabric in the world. The cotton is grown and woven overseas, then shipped to Seattle to be sewn into Red Ants Pants.

Here at Red Ants Pants, we try our best to build partnerships with companies who care about more than the bottom line. The company who supplies our fabric could easily meet the minimal international requirements regarding social and environmental regulations, and focus solely on their profits. Fortunately, they are interested in more than the bottom line, they care about how they run their business.

Environmental Measures

  • 100% wastewater recycling through a dedicated effluent treatment plant.
  • Okeo tex standard 1000 certified for non-use of harmful substances.
  • They are recognized for maintaining global standards for eco-friendly manufacturing
  • They use heat recovering steam generators which recover 70% of the heat energy that is released from the fuel.
  • The plants are operated on emission free natural gas and have standby auxiliary boilers running on agro waste fuel.
  • They use ground water recharging facilities where rainwater is collected during monsoon season and recharged into the ground water table.

Social Responsibility

This company is very involved with supporting educational institutions and hospitals, and assisting in the development of textile training centers to enhance the skills of textile workers. They have helped establish rural development funds to assist with nutritional programs, food camps, and harnessing solar energy in low income rural communities. They also strive to improve the quality of life for low-income, urban populations by helping with healthcare, education, job training and job placement.

For more information on our fabric supplier, please contact us at info [at] redantspants [dot] com.