Red Ants Pants are designed to fit, to function, and to flatter.

Upon hearing about this new business, many guys have asked why we need our own pants, and aren’t satisfied with men’s. Usually I respond by asking if they are familiar with how a woman is shaped, complete with curves. If he is not blushing too severely by this point, I simply say that curves don’t fit into square pants. For those who want a more detailed explanation, read on….

Below are the ten most common complaints women have with wearing men’s work pants. We took all these complaints and hit the drawing board, designing a new pair of pants. It took several rounds of prototypes and design adjustments, but the day we pulled on the final pair…well, let’s just say our work has paid off. These pants feel great. We hope you feel the same way.

Complaint #1

“The waistband of my pants is too binding.”

Solution #1

Introducing…the Contoured Waistband! We didn’t know what it was either, until Beth Treweek, our brilliant patternmaker suggested we try it. And she was right, as always. We loved it. The contoured waistband, is made to fit the body, designed with a slight curve which sits on the top of the hip and just feels good. Try it and see for yourself.

Complaint #2

“The waist of my pants is too high in the front.”

Solution #2

It’s the old “I already wear one bra, and don’t need the waistband of my pants for additional support” problem. Fortunately there is an easy solutionÉdrop the front rise. (Front rise is the height of the front area between the crotch and the waistband.) By decreasing the amount of fabric here, the pants sit comfortably 1-3 inches below your belly button, not above it. No pinching, binding, or additional bra support. Hooray!

Complaint #3

“I’m not a plumber and have no desire to look like one!” (And whoever came up with this new trend that wearing pants ultra low and showing off our thongs is sexy…curses.)

Solution #3

OK, let’s get one thing straight. Butts can be sexy, even butt cracks, but not on the job site, please! For those of you who are tired of bending over and worrying about who you are about to offend or turn on (we’re not sure which is worse…), we’ve increased the rear rise so there is full coverage, 24-7. Here’s to no more gaping, no more air conditioning down the back, no more shirts tied around our waists to make up for much needed coverage. Muy bien.

Complaint #4

“After a few days of wear, my pants loosen up and slide down so the crotch of my pants is about 3-4 inches lower than where it needs to be, therefore restricting my range of motion.”

Solution #4

Yup, we hear you. These conditions often result in a crotch blowout (!), frustration with pants restricting your movement, or in some cases, the seams falling where they shouldn’t, resulting in the dreaded inner thigh chafing. To prevent all this, we’ve added a gusseted crotch. You may have seen or even worn this design feature, rock climbing pants tend to sport them. A gusseted crotch is basically a diamond shaped piece of fabric replacing the four way cross junction which you find in most pants. Its function is to add seamless space to a place that is not linear. In summary, the crotch of your pants will be where it belongs, and allow you as much movement as you desire. Alright…enough about that.

Complaint #5

“The knee, thigh, or upper thigh wears through on the front of my pants.”

Solution #5

An age old problem, this is the place where the first blowouts usually occur. Many men’s work pants have a reinforced knee and we’ve found that there are often blowouts right above where this reinforcement ends. So we doubled the knee and brought the reinforcement clear up to the front pocket. Tell us what you think.

Complaint #6

“When I do get a blowout in the top reinforcement, sawdust and duff gets trapped in between the double layer.”

Solution #6

Granted, overtime, especially when doing rock, timber, or roofing work, there will be friction, and there will be blowouts. This is why the bottom of our reinforcing layer is not sewn down. Think of it as your sawdust fall out. You can also put kneepads up the double knee if you wish.

Complaint #7

“I hate rivets. They burn my legs when I’m near a fire, they’re too damn cold in the winter, and when old and bent, they scrape my hands.”

Solution #7

Sure they look tough, but are they really necessary? We use bar tacks on all our pressure points. A bar tack is a sewn reinforcement consisting of a lot of stitching back and forth over the stress point. Simple, strong, and no more burn marks. Amen.

Complaint #8

“I wear through the seat of my pants and everyone sees my undies.”

Solution #8

So we’ve added…The Seat Reinforcement. Yup, you got it, a double layer on the seat. Now you really have to wear your pants hard to be able to sew those fun patches over the holes.

Complaint #9

“The side pockets are too small, too big, too deep, not enough of ’em…”

Solution #9

We’ve decided side pockets are a personal feature. There is not one combination of pockets that is going to please everyone, but we’ve tried. We’ve added three, designed to fit a pen, a 3×5 notebook, and a knife. They could also fit gardening shears, cell phone, pliers etc…Give us your feedback.

Complaint #10

“I don’t like peg legs. They won’t fit over the top of my boots so dirt and rocks get in, and quite frankly, they’re just not flattering.”

Solution #10

Funny you should mention it…we’ve got a nice boot cut you might like. It has a straight leg, and fits over your boots, so you’ll never have to tuck your pants into your boots again. Cowboy boots, loggin’ boots, steel-toed boots, rubber boots, hikin’ boots, ass kickin’ boots…you name it, these pants will fit over ’em. And they look damn good too.