Production Chain


Here at Red Ants Pants, we feel it is important to understand where our products come from. It has taken a lot of work for us to learn and understand the production chain involved in going from an idea to a product on the market. We still have a lot to learn, but here is an overview of what it takes to make a pair of Red Ants Pants.

It all starts with an idea. First this idea is turned into a drawing, which is revised many times to ultimately become the design for a pair of pants. The drawings are then sent to the patternmaker who makes all the pieces fit together complete with measurements for production. This is done on a computer program and turns the drawing into an official pattern. A prototype is sewn, adjustments are made and the process is repeated until the designer is satisfied with the product. The pattern then goes to the grader who adjusts the pattern to fit every size. The full range of patterns are printed and sent to the manufacturer where they are then ready to cut and sew.

Meanwhile, farmers are growing cotton which is woven into the fabric.  The fabric is dyed and sent to Seattle where the manufacturers can proceed to cut out the patterns and sew the pants. The pants are then shipped to Montana where they have a short shelf life at the Red Ants Pants Headquarters. You, our wonderful customers, will then purchase the pants and give them a happy and hard working life full of adventure.