Our History


It all began a long time ago…
1983 when Sarah Calhoun was just four years old…

On a farm where Sarah was raised,
Playing outside she spent her days.

One time she fell and started to cry.
She saw a hole in her pants, right at the thigh.

“What a bummer,” she thought, “these should have lasted longer.”
“If only these pants were a little bit stronger!”

On summer breaks from college, she helped her Dad with the hay.
She wore his old pants; they didn’t fit the right way.

Instructing for Outward Bound, she led kids in the woods.
When shopping for work pants, she found nothing good.

Next she led trail crews for the SCA.
With pulaskis and cross cuts her pants grew weaker each day.

When her back wore out she settled in Montana,
And patched up her pants with an extra bandana.

She peeled logs and groomed ski trails to bring in some money.
“There really are no work pants for women. This is no longer funny!”

At a coffee shop one day, she read her “How to Start a Business” book.
A man happened by and gave an interested look.

He asked her what she was doing, so she told him her thought;
“We need workwear for women. We need it a lot!”

This wasn’t just any man – as it turned out.
He knew exactly what she was talking about.

For twenty years, production and design had been his career.
For a small company called Patagonia…. She was all ears.

With contacts and advice, Sarah was well on her way.
And Red Ants Pants was born, that very same day.