Red Ants Pants Foundation


The Mission

– To develop and expand leadership roles for women.

– To preserve and support working family farms and ranches.

– To enrich and promote rural communities.

The Values

– To recognize and cultivate a strong work ethic.

– To encourage and build self-reliance, especially for women.

– To educate the public on the importance of maintaining traditional work skills.

– To provide opportunities for people with different perspectives to connect, build bridges, and discover common ground.


The Foundation is supported by the Red Ants Pants Music Festival.



Red Ants Pants Music Festival
Come connect with good folks and celebrate rural Montana. Join us for four days of fun each July up in White Sulphur Springs. Save the date for our next Festival – July 23-26, 2020! More information here.

Community Grants
With proceeds from the 2018 Red Ants Pants Music Festival, $10,000 in grants were awarded in 2019 to four organizations from across the state whose projects were in line with the mission of the Red Ants Pants Foundation. Check out the grant recipients here.

Thanks to ticket sales and donations from past Red Ants Pants Music Festivals, the foundation has now given more than $110,000 in mission-based community grants!

Timber Skills
Here at the Red Ants Pants Foundation, we believe in teaching and sharing practical skills that can be used in our day-to-day lives, work places and while we’re out exploring all that Montana has to offer. Having the skills to work with timber can be incredibly useful and rewarding. Whether it is for a career choice or home ownership, knowing how to work with wood and use the related hand and power tools is a valuable skill.

Each year, using proceeds from our Red Ants Pants Music Festival, we host a three-day-plus Timber Skills Course designed to empower and educate women of all skill levels on the basic understanding, maintenance and operation of hand and power tools.

The Carpentry 101 program is designed for beginning users who have an interest in understanding the essential hand and power tools used for general carpentry. Participants will learn about use and safety with different power tools, as well as practical applications for hand tools.

The Chainsaw 101 program is designed for beginner to intermediate chainsaw users. Participants will learn about different types of chainsaws and features, basic maintenance and use, as well as how to fell, buck, and limb trees.

Our 2019 Timber Skills Workshop will take place September 12-15, 2019.

Click here if you are interested in learning more or participating in the 2019 Timber Skills Workshop!

Girls Leadership Program
The Red Ants Pants Foundation Girls Leadership Program is designed to inspire hope for our youth, develop pride in our rural communities, and foster strength and courage in our leadership. We believe our program builds highly competent and confident leaders, cultivated specifically to create positive social change and positive community impacts.

The Girls Leadership Program consists of a cohort of eight girls, eight female mentors and a team of professional facilitators. All participants attend three multi-day retreats throughout the year. Between retreats, participants develop a community leadership project, attend four webinars to reflect and share their experiences, and engage in a one-on-one mentoring designed to provide support, accountability, and assistance as needed.

To learn more and apply, please visit our website: