Sponsored Gals

There are so many hard-working women out there! We wish we could give pants away to all of you. But since we’re running a business, that unfortunately doesn’t work for our financials…

However, if you are a working woman, or know a working woman that really needs these pants, please send us a brief (under one page) letter of why we should sponsor her. We’re choosing one woman a quarter who has a great story, and give her a free pair of pants. We will post her story on social media in hopes that it helps inspire and encourage other hard working gals.

Courtney Lowery-Cowgill, pictured here, was one of our first sponsored gals. She and her husband Jacob own Prairie Heritage Farm in Power, Montana. They grow heritage grains, organic veggies, and some pretty delicious turkeys. Courtney also balances the mothering of two with weeding, marketing, and butchering; she does so with splendid grace.

And in the times when she doesn’t feel that she’s balancing things well, she is good at admitting it and recognizing that sometimes a minor break down followed by tears, a glass of wine, and a good friend, gets her right back on her feet.