Books and Tunes We Love

We love to read and we love music.

We are hoping to share an ongoing list of books and tunes we love. We’ll add staff picks from time to time, if you have books and music you’d like to share with us, drop us a note directly or through social media. Cheers and enjoy!

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This House of Sky
Ivan Doig


Known as one of the defining authors of the American West, Ivan Doig grew up in White Sulphur Springs, Montana. His book, “This House of Sky” is actually the reason Red Ants Pants Founder Sarah Calhoun moved to this little ranching town to start her company. It’s a lovely and rich memoir that we highly recommend.


Ben Bullington
White Sulphur Springs


Ben was our doctor in White Sulphur for many years. He is a very accomplished singer/songwriter, but more importantly a dear friend. His songs shoot straight to the heart of humanity.

Blind Your Ponies
Stanley Gordon West


One of our top 10 all time favorites, “Blind Your Ponies” introduces characters that enter your life, and they don’t leave. Based in Willow Creek, Montana, this novel is about a small town high school basketball team, but so much more.

Jeanne Jolly
Falling in Carolina


We LOVE Jeanne Jolly, from Raleigh. She played at our second music festival and she is even lovelier in person than on her albums. Her voice will move you to tears.