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Sarah Calhoun

April 11, 2016 5 Responses Posted in:

On Strength

We used to laugh saying, “We already have to wear one bra, we don’t need the waistband of our pants for additional support.” That line actually made it into some of our first marketing materials at Red Ants Pants. But maybe we do need some extra support, sometimes anyway. Maybe …

February 4, 2016 Leave a response Posted in:

On Love

On Love Love of a dog, a secret, a place. Love of a man, a woman, a family. Love of a mountain. Love of a valley and a river, a milk cow and a pet rabbit. Love of an idea, a dream, of a job well done. Love of oneself, …

June 8, 2015 Leave a response Posted in:

To the White House and Back

In May I was honored to be invited to the White House.  The Small Business Majority selected 100 small business owners from across the country to participate in a Small Business Leadership Summit. It consisted of 3 days of discussion, panels, break out discussions and lots and lots of Q …

October 11, 2014 Leave a response Posted in:

An Old Stick Shift Chevy

And sometimes, when life gets too busy, too complicated… its time to head for the hills. Preferably in an old stick shift Chevy. With a good dog. …and a chainsaw. And then somehow things don’t seem so complicated anymore. Cheers Friends. PS. She’s a Chevy Cheyenne, 1979.  It was a …

February 7, 2014 1 Response Posted in:


It’s the kind of cold where you have to wear a down jacket and gloves to the office, and a mad bomber hat to bed. It’s the kind of cold where the pets decide, “Screw you, I will NOT go out there. I’m going to pee on the floor”. It’s …

September 30, 2013 Leave a response Posted in:

Plums, Firewood and…SNOW!?!

Just when my first and only sunflower bloomed… …this happened… …seriously!?…on September 25th!?  Yup. So it was time to harvest these…. Yum! They are even more delicious than they look. And now it is time for the best part of all.  Firewood season is upon us. No better smell than …